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Hi friends! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m the host of a popular show on YouTube called The Mom’s View which focuses primarily on women/mom related topics. I’m co-hosting a brand new beauty series on Mixed Makeup called The SASS where I try weird beauty treatments around LA. I also run my own personal blog and YouTube channel which covers a variety of content from makeup to food to travel to fun. My goal is to entertain, inform and inspire, hopefully while making people smile. You can watch my reel below!      Sharzad Kiadeh Lifestyle Blog

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  1. Love your posts :)

    • Thank you!!!

  2. I just found your site… It’s so cool. You are so pretty.


  3. I agree with what the others said, you are so pretty and I love your blog!

  4. I just found your website. You’re so pretty & talented!!!


  5. I love your lyfe!

  6. Lovely fairytale story told by a beautiful woman!

  7. WOW! You are such an inspiration! I wish you all the success in the world! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  8. I am so envious of all your travels! And PS you are so pretty. :)

    • THANKS BELLA! I am very lucky I have been able to travel so much ; )

  9. Just discovered your blog! I love your style! You are so PRETTY!

  10. Love this!!!!

  11. Nice to see your pretty face darling!! Looking forward to our lunch date!! xoxoxo

    • I can’t wait to see YOUR pretty face!!! XO

  12. Dear sweetheart,
    I began to follow your Blog several days ago.
    I’m a Photographer, was born in Republic of Georgia and raised in Germany.
    I love, love the way you are…adorable, stunning and beside to it, you own a very special Humor :)
    Your make-up videos inspired me to try out new things.
    The travel part is also very interesting.
    Keep it up!
    I wish you furthermore success and luck in your life.
    By the way, my Bday is also on June 1, so I definitely won’t forget to congratulate you :)
    XX Ekaterine Buckley

    • Hi Ekaterine! (Beautiful name by the way!) THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wonderful comment! It means so much to me! I am SO happy I am able to inspire you and make you laugh! That is a dream come true for me ; ) I hope you have lyfe filled with happiness and success! Happy birthday to you my Gemini twin ; ) Did you know Marilyn Monroe has the same bday as us!? ; )

      • Thnx sweetheart.
        My parents gave me the name of a west georgian queen Ekaterine :)
        Where does your name comes from?
        We have kind of special zodiac…Merilyn :))

        Thank you so much for your sweet videos. I watch them sometimes, while I am @ work and enjoy them a lot. Love the belucci tutorial <3 and when you're in a "silly mood".

        Keep it up!
        XX from Germany

        • Hi! I just realized I forgot to answer one of your questions! Sorry for the delay! I was named after a Persian princess ; ) Thank you so much for your support!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! XO

  13. LOVE all your videos and blogs! Keep up the great work Sharzad! You are so fun!

  14. Absolutely love your blog and YOU!

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your comment just put a huge smile on my face! ; )

  15. I love you and your blog so much! Great job!


  16. Hello Sharzy!

    I came across your blog a few days ago and I must say that I got hooked immediately the moment I went through your posts! I love all your videos!

    I can see that you love trying out beauty treatments from foreign countries as you travel. Hey I’ve got some suggestion for you since I live in South East Asian region. Why not make Bali as your next destination. It has amazing beauty treatments like milk bath, body scrub known as “lulur”, body massage etc. Oh not to forget, Bali is known for its beautiful beaches too!

    Keep up the good job and stay gorgeous, sexy and fun! Love ya!

    • Hi Diyana! THANK YOU for your sweet comment! It totally made my day! I JUST heard about the Lulur treatment last month…. it sounds AMAZING and going to Bali to experience it would be an absolute DREAM come true. One day!!!! Thanks again for your comment and I hope you have a wonderful day ; )

  17. […] from the event, followed yours truly, who was invited to the event along with my dear friend Sharzad of LuxLyfe. She and I have more fun videos and photos to share from the event – including our […]

  18. Hello beautiful! Just wondering, are you Iranian??

    • Hi! My dad is Iranian and my mom is American, so I’m a halfie ; )

  19. Hi Sharzad! Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying all of your blogs and videos! Keep up the great work.


  20. You my friend are such a weirdo and I love you for it!! I have been a fan since your days on the reality show Blush! I just subscribed to the madness! I watched your video on bird poop…..epic….. Love it and now I think I want crap, venom and snail blob on my face…..thanks to you! LOL Hugs!

  21. I just found randomly your blog and let me tell you, its AMAZING!!!!!!! I fall in love with your styles, your techniques, everything!!! Love make up as you, good job girl.

  22. Just found ur website and its amazing!!

  23. Just discovered your website. Amazing! You are so incredibly beautiful & talented. I love your beauty video’s. As a young corporate executive, I’m so excited to begin experimenting new looks that help break through that glass ceiling. I would be thrilled if one day you would be so kind to demonstrate how we can achieve the look of Bianca Balti in her Dolce & Gabbana Italian print campaign.

  24. Iloveyou n all ur makeup tutorials em followng u on twitter fcebuk pinterest !

  25. Hi, your blog in general is a huge help for me. I’m learning so much from your tutorials and your beauty finds. I hope we’ll be seeing more of you!! <3

  26. You are an absolute inspiration, and you look beautiful pregnant. Congrats again to you and your handsome husband!

  27. Just discovered you on YouTube through searching for some 80s inspired makeup trends! I’m going to an 80s themed Xmas party this friday (lol). I really enjoyed your other tutorials on how to get the celebrity fashion eyes we all crave! Great job! Congratulations on your soon-to-become official MOM status! Take care and happy holidays

  28. Sharzad- I have to say I am absolutely in love with your personality. Not only are you drop dead gorgeous, you are funny, sweet and sincere! So happy I found your blog and youtube channel! Hugs from Dallas!

  29. Hi Sharzad,

    I found the Shaytards, which lead me to The Mom’s View and to your wonderful blog! Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face whenever I watch your youtube channel, The Mom’s View or read your blog! Thanks for being so positive, funny and inspirational! Love from London xx

  30. Hey Sharzad :)
    So glad I came across your blog! I love your youtube channel and think you are absolutely gorgeous and entertaining. Can’t wait to see baby Reece’s pieces!
    Good luck with everything :)xx

  31. Sharzad, you are the sweetest bloogger, wife, soon-to-be mom to your little nugget Idris, youtuber, and host of TMV, and I love watching you everyday! You inspire me to try to be even half the person you are , and I really appreciate how hard you work to put a smile on my face, and the faces of everyone else who admires you! Thank you, and best of wishes to you and your little crumpet!

  32. Also I was surprised to find out that you met Michael on a race car reality show! What was it called?

  33. Hey I have 3 videos on my channel. Please feel free to subcribe and watch them and reply. :) I hope you have your baby soon. I have been thinking about you. I have been watching for update videos on your channel. Good Luck and you will be an amazing mom.

  34. Hi, Ms Shar!

    I discovered your channel today when I searched fish foot spa and I loved your videos, especially your baby story. I can’t believe you were so overdue? The doctor miscalculated. :) I adore your videos, you are so pretty, funny and probably every positive word you can think of.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  35. Such an inspiration :) … Thank you. I want to get married and to have a baby right now :) Love u Sharzy <3

  36. I found your website today, and I love watching makeups videos! If you can check out my YouTube channel that would be great.

  37. I love ur makeup , waitng for somethng newww fresh glossy makeup for fall , love uuu

  38. hey
    This is Narges.. a Persian girl ;)
    This is great to find u hear.. amazing to see how a beautiful girl from half my nationality handlng all these, from being a great wife, mom and woman to participating in fun and luxury activities..
    I am doing my PhD in Australia and your YT channels are great to watch and filling the gaps I feel here.

  39. Sharzed u r lovee em followng u since last year i have seen each n evry video of ur makeup tutorial :* plz do some more makeup vdeos em waitng for ur fall makeup style n 1 more reqst plz do elsa from frozen makeup, ty

  40. I was on YouTube and one of your vidoes popped up, I watched it and now I watch pretty much all of them. You are an amazing person!

  41. Hi your iranian to!

  42. We love you!!!

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