Baby Advice From A Pro

Video thumbnail for youtube video Baby Advice From A Pro

Hi and happy Wednesday! I’m still here, still waiting to make a big announcement… so far nothing is happening! Grrr. In the meantime, check out the latest episode of A Tale of Two Bumps, where my girl Colette gives us some baby advice. After five kids of her own, I pretty much consider her a [...]

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Baby Shower Haul

Baby shower haul

Happy Friday! Raise your hand if you’re ready for a double dose of baby shower fun!?! I’m just going to assume everyone is waving their hands frantically in the air because they can’t get enough of this baby shower! lol I had every intention of posting this video yesterday, but I was on set for one final [...]

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Luxury Baby Shower

Luxury Baby Shower

Who’s ready for some more baby shower fun!?! I love the beautifully shot video below that captures the perfect day Kayli and I had celebrating our little men with some of our favorite people. Never did I think I would have such a luxury baby shower! Believe me when I say I’m constantly reminding myself [...]

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Baby Shower Sneak Peek on The Mom’s View

Baby Shower

Hi! I’m still here, still preggers, and still ready to explode. If baby Idris doesn’t make his debut week I’m going to reach in and pull him out. #NotKidding In other fun news, it’s baby shower week on The Mom’s View. Over the next three days I’m going to share all the fun videos from [...]

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Ban Bossy: The Mom’s View

The Mom's View

Happy Friday! It’s another beautiful spring day here in the City of Angels and I hope you’re all doing fabulous. On the latest episode of The Mom’s View the ladies and I discuss being bossy vs being a boss. This is currently a hot topic because of Sheryl Sandberg’s recent campaign: Ban Bossy. The ladies also [...]

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Last Minute Baby Prep

Sharzad Kiadeh husband

Hi Beauties! Here is a quick vlog Michael and I did at Babies’R Us where we gathered some last minute supplies for the nugget. I’ve never really done a vlog like this before so please let me know if you like it and want to see more. In other news I’ve been feeling great the [...]

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Moms on the Loose

Video thumbnail for youtube video Moms on the Loose

Happy Friday! A few days ago Kayli and I hit the streets of Culver City to chat with locals and get some parenting advice. As always is was a blast to hang with Kayli and get to know some interesting people. There is a short and sweet video below of us moms on the loose! [...]

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37 Weeks Pregnant! Baby Diaries

37 Weeks Pregnant

Goooood morning cyber world! Hope you’re feeling good today. As for me I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and feeling TIRED and HUGE! Will I ever feel like myself again!?!? Please say yes!  There is a quick baby diaries update below where I share some of my latest preggy problems. I’m thinking there will be one [...]

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3 Baby Shower Favor Ideas

baby shower favor ideas

Hi! In the video below my pregnant partner in crime Kayli and I are sharing 3 super cute and easy baby shower favor ideas. We tested them out a few weeks back at our own shower (more on that in the next few weeks!) and they were all a huge hit. I’m personally not much [...]

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