Valentine’s Dinner at Home

When I was growing up Fondue was a staple meal in my house and typically reserved for special occasions.  In recent years I’ve decided I hate going out to eat on Valentines Day, so fondue has become the traditional V-Day meal for my hubs and I. I chop up apple chunks, roast potatoes, serve fresh grapes, mini French baguette bites and slices of savory vegan sausage. Since Trader Joes sells a pre made Fondue cheese, it’s an extremely easy meal to prepare, and manages to feel super fancy. In our place we dim the lights, play Big Band music circa 1930’s and enjoy dunking every bite into hot, flavorful cheese. Fondue fondue cheese


Fondue is not only great for a romantic din din at home, it is SUCH a crowd pleaser if you’re throwing a party. Happy Tuesday! Gotta Go!

Comments (5):

  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing Sharzy.

    • You are so welcome Michelle!

  2. I’ve missed your food posts! Thanks for sharing this one! More please!

    • I totally dropped the ball on the recipe posts… I suck! Hopefully more to come in the future! Thanks for your comment ; )

  3. I agree with the above comments… more recipe posts please. You have such great taste in food!