Mila Kunis Makeup

Mila Kunis Makeup

Remember Makeup Mondays!?! Well guess what, it’s Monday and I have a makeup tutorial. Yipee! Below is my attempt at a recreation of Mila Kunis’s face from her recent cover of W magazine. I hope you enjoy it.

L’OReal Voluminous Mascara
Bare Minerals BareSkin
Maybelline Define-A-Brow
Smashbox Face Primer
Smashbox Limitless Cream Shadow in Topaz
MAC Eye Shadow in Embark
MAC Eye Shadow in Saddle
Smashbox Blush in Regal
Buxom Bronzer in Tahiti
MAC Lip Pencil in Stripdown
Buxom Gloss in Hello Lover
Physicians Formula Gel Liner
NYX Eyebrow Push-Up Bra
bareMinerals Powder

If you haven’t already, check out my Makeup Mistakes video.

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Come Hear Me Speak!

Sharzad Kiadeh

I’m so excited to announce that I will be speaking on a panel for the Fashion and Business Counsel October 7th in LA. The primary topic of discussion for my panel will be how to make money working with brands. This is something I’ve always been very honest and up front about and I’m excited to share my strategy and thoughts with anyone who is interested. The Fab Counsel is putting together an all day event with an all star lineup of influential movers and shakers in the online space. Whether you’re already a blogger/youtuber or interested in becoming one, this a great opportunity to hear from some of the best in the biz. Want some more good news!?! Early bird tickets are on sale now AND I have a discount code for 20% off. (Use SHARZAD20 when purchasing tickets). I will also be giving out free hugs and I’m a really good hugger, so be sure to get your tickets and get excited. Boom! #CyberDomination fab counsel Sharzad Kiadeh


Click HERE to purchase tickets. Hope to see your beautiful faces there!

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Flashback: One Year of The Mom’s View

Sharzad Kiadeh

Well team, it’s officially been a year since I launched my online hosting career with the ladies of TMV and I’m so happy I get to be a part of The Mom’s View family. Yipee! We’ve had a crazy fun ride this past 365 days and I feel very lucky that I’ve gotten to work with such welcoming, sweet, thoughtful, supportive, funny, beautiful women. I’ve learned a lot from day one and I’ll always remember my excitement and nerves as I hosted the first LIVE show.  (It was the first time I had ever hosted a show, let alone a live one!) It’s exciting to see where the show was and where it is now. I’m thrilled about what’s in store for the future and below are some memorable moments from this past year. Thanks for letting me share my world with you! Sharzad Kiadeh
The Mom's View
Sharzad Kiadeh
Sharzad Kiadeh

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What’s In My Makeup Bag

What's in My Makeup Bag

Anyone out there in cyber land curious as to what’s in my makeup bag!?! lol This is actually my travel makeup bag, specifically for trips in the summer. In my last post I recapped my recent adventure in Florida with my family, obviously Florida in the summer is a super HOT, humid place. I had to make sure my beauty and makeup bag reflected the weather.  Below is a peak at what I brought in an attempt to look cute in the sweltering heat. Watch the video below and be sure to check out my list of goodies. Hope you’re all enjoying your summer! What's in My Makeup Bag



Click on the links to purchase some of my favorite products!
Mor Beauty Bag
Oil of Olay Regenerist
Bare Minerals Foundation
Secret Deodorant
Pixi lip stain in Rose
Pixi Brilliance Balm Nearly Naked
Skin Again Vanish
IT Hair Care Surf Spray
Em Pillow Plush n Lollipop
Nyx Golden Bronzer Eyeliner
Real Techniques Brushes
Tonya Crooks Tweezers

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Florida With The Fam

Baby Idris

I’m so excited that I successfully completed one of my goals for the summer-traveling across the country with my son. I was a bit anxious to say the least about flying with him, but I’m happy to report that Idris was SUCH a good boy, literally no crying on the way there or back. Could it be? I’m going to test my luck again next month with a trip to Chicago and I will be sure to report back to you guys. Our trip to Florida was primarily for baby Idris to meet his great grandpa (pictured below) and to hang with some cousins. It was hot, fun, and relaxing. I will have a video coming soon on my tips for traveling with him as well as a peek into our Florida adventures. In the meantime here is a snap shot of my week with the fam. Hope you’re all enjoying your summer.  Sarasota FloridaSharzad KiadehOrlandoBaby IdrisBaby Idris

Baby Idris

Michael Lahalih


P.S. If you happen to be in Sarasota anytime soon check out the Ringling Museum.

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A Tale of Two Bumps: Bloopers!

Sharzad Kiadeh pregnant

As some of you know I co-hosted a show called A Tale of Two Bumps with my preggy partner in crime, Kayli. We shared everything from our pregnancy struggles to what we were most excited and nervous about to heartburn, pickles and everything in between. It was a crazy roller coaster ride and I’m so happy I got to experience it with her and share the journey with you guys. I’m super excited to announce that the show will continue-only this time we will be joined by our little ones! YAY! I can’t wait to start filming the new season, we have brand new name, A Tale of Mommy and Me, AND we’ll have a cool new set. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on when the first episode airs. In the meantime enjoy the bloopers from the first season of #2Bumps! Sharzad Kiadeh pregnant

Sharzad Kiadeh pregnantSharzad Kiadeh pregnantSharzad Kiadeh pregnant

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Four Handed Massage Heaven

Cure salon and spa

Cure salon and spa
For my birthday this year nothing sounded more exciting than a day of pampering at a luxury spa. I also hadn’t had a chance to get my sister her bday gift yet. (She now shares a birthday with my son and I wanted to get her something in addition to a NEPHEW!) I decided on the Cure Salon and Spa in West Hollywood for a few reasons 1) they offered a hamamm (I hadn’t been in one since I went hammam hopping in Instanbul two summers ago) 2)They had a four handed massage. Done.  The hammam was great, but can we talk about the four handed massage!?! Umm… wow. It was SO wonderful. The flow, pressure and unique blend of movements made it one of my favorite spa experiences ever. It will be hard to go back to just a regular two handed massage! #ImSpoiledNow Cure salon and spa Sharzad Kiadeh

After multiple showers, a hammam, a rub down and a luxury bubble bath I think it’s safe to say I cleaned off all the baby barf that may have been lingering or hidden somewhere on my body. So gross I know, but I’m told I need to get used to that.

Check out this vlog to see more from me and my sis at the spa.

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What’s In My Diaper Bag!?!

What's In My Diaper Bag

Hi! Below is a quick video on what’s in my diaper bag. If any of you mamas think there is something important I’m missing please let me know! I love hearing from you guys. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the video.

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First Month of Motherhood

Idris Lahalih, Mansur Kiadeh

My boy is officially one month old today! I don’t even know where to begin to describe the first month of motherhood. It’s all about adjustment. I’m learning my baby, he’s learning me, and we’re both trying to survive. My main goals have been to keep that little dude fed and make sure he’s going to the bathroom, other than that I’ve been pretty delirious but mostly head over heels in love! I will say I’m so thrilled to not be pregnant. Yipee! Those last few weeks (um, hi I went two weeks over my “due date”) were les miserable. I would much rather hold my baby in my arms than my belly. I literally spend hours staring at him and even when I put him down for a nap, I find myself wandering into his room to watch him sleep. I cannot get enough of his face. To me it’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Speaking of his cuteness, take a look at the awesome photos my dad took of him a few days ago.

Idris Lahalih, Mansur KiadehIdris Lahalih, Mansur Kiadeh
Idris Lahalih, Mansur Kiadeh
Idris Lahalih, Mansur Kiadeh
If you haven’t already please check out my Birth Story part 1 and part 2.
Have a great day cyber friends!

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*All photos by my talented father Mansur Kiadeh