Baby Diaries: I’m Having a Water Birth!

Water Birth

Hello beauties! I’m currently in week 32 and feeling good. I know I kind of mentioned this in a previous Baby Diaries video, but I am excited to announce that I am officially having a water birth. I share some of my reasons in the video below, but basically it seems like the right decision [...]

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Spring Makeup Tutorial

Spring Makeup Tutorial

Raise your hand if your ready for spring! I am! This spring I’m looking forward to fresh flowers, Persian new year, my birthday and of course, the arrival of my baby boy! It’s safe to say it’s my favorite time of the year. In honor of my favorite season, I created a fun, easy spring [...]

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If you feel like loungin, take a look at the awesome pics below and get inspired to chill.             Be. Pillow Velvet Pool Lounge Chair Drape Cod Cardigan Grumpy Cat Toy White Trapeze Top Black Sandals Havana Soy Candle Leopard Fur Booties To the Letter Mug Driftwood Candle Holder   [...]

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3rd Trimester Updates on A Tale of Two Bumps

A tale of two bumps

Hello beauties! I’m so thrilled to be in my 3rd trimester and even more excited that I have less than nine weeks left. YIPEE! I can’t wait to meet my nug (and to not be pregnant). lol We just got a car seat sent to us yesterday and I keep picturing strapping baby Idris in [...]

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Valentine’s Day Stories with The Mom’s View

The Mom's View

Happy day of love! On the latest episode of The Mom’s View the ladies and I share some of our Valentine’s Day stories and I happen to share a story about an ex-boyfriend that gave me the WORST Valentine’s Day gift EVER. It was pretty bad and I broke up with him immediately. Lol So [...]

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Baby Diaries: I Hired a Doula!

baby diaries

Hi Everyone!┬áHope you’re all doing great. I’m currently in week 30 of my pregnancy. Ahh! So happy to be in the home stretch. My biggest update this week is that I hired a doula. This is something that so many of you recommended to me and now that I have one, I’m so relieved to [...]

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Top 5 Eyeliners and 5 Ways to Wear Them

Sharzad Kiadeh

Can you guess what this tutorial is about!?! I picked my top 5 eyeliners and in the video below I show you 5 different ways to wear them. With so many new liners on the market, I know it can be overwhelming figuring out what to do with each one, but don’t fret kitties. I [...]

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Animals Are The New Black


Happy Friday! Did you hear that animals are the new black!?! lol Below is a fun selection of our favorite animal themed picks from around the web. Some of the items will make for great, funny, quirky Valentine’s Day gifts. It doesn’t always have to be about chocolates and flowers right? Maybe you should consider [...]

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Maternity Fashion Fun On A Tale of Two Bumps

Maternity Fashion

Hi beauties! Kayli and I recently had the opportunity to chat with mega stylist Lindsay Albanese on all things maternity fashion. As a well known stylist in the industry she has worked with everyone you could imagine and it was such a treat to get to know her and hear what she had to say [...]

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