Fab Favorites

Hi Cybes! I recently discovered a super cool online destination called Fab. I explain in more detail about what FAB is in the video below and I also showcase some of my recent favorite purchases. In typical fashion, this video is weird, possibly awkward and hopefully fun! Big thanks to my creative consultant and cute lil sis, Shireen Kiadeh. She gets all the credit for this one! Fab

Fab Fab

There are a ton of different online shops like Women’s Jewelry and Women’s Clothing that are  filled with interesting, quirky, modern, random, fun things!

Below are the links to the goodies that I scored from FAB! Be sure to check them out daily or weekly because there are constantly new things to discover.

iPhone Cases
Los Angeles Necklace
Kitten Tee
Lollipop Earrings 
Women’s Accessories and Beauty Products 

Gotta Go!

Comments (3):

  1. That case is gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    • Thanks Kelly! I’m pretty obsessed with it!

  2. You’re hilarious Sharzad. I think Fab should hire you to be their spokesperson.