Exotic Beauty Treatment Wishlist

The combination of exotic beauty treatments and travel is something I have been OBSESSSED with for YEARS. I genuinely find it fascinating to know what women (and men) do in other countries to be “beautiful.”  Below is a list of places and treatments that are on my wishlist. All I need is a camera crew and some sweet moolah.

Japanese Nightingale Droppings Facial: that’s right.  Apparently those cute little birdies make some “special” shiz that is great for your skin. Japanese woman swear by this exotic treatment and the last time I checked every Japanese woman I have EVER met has PERFECT skin. So where do I sign up!? japanese nightingale

Coca Leaf Body Mask from Peru; If my memory serves me correctly coca leaves are used for cocaine… but I guess in their natural form they work as a great body mask that improves circulation and helps detoxify your blood. Yes please. Yet another reason I’m DYING to go to Peru. Coca Leaf Body Mask Peru

Turkish Bath House;  luxurious bathhouses have long been a tradition in many countries like Turkey and the idea of one is very intriguing to me.  One day I need to see what the fuss is all about. turkish-baths

I’ve experienced my fair share of exotic treatments already from cupping in Hong Kong to Fish Pedis in Bangkok and I’m ready for more! Anything for beauty! lol




Gotta Go!


*The first three photos are courtesy of google images



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