Bruschetta Brunch

Happy Saturday friends! A few weeks back the hubby and I rode our bikes to get brunch at Cora’s Coffee Shop on Ocean. (Lovers on bikes! Aren’t we cute!?) LUXLYFE

Anyway, he ordered the bruschetta with poached eggs and it was so freakin good that I immediately attempted to make it on my own the next day. How hard could it be? Well, after several failed attempts at poaching an egg, (we lost three in the process) and watching multiple youtube videos on how to poach an egg, we finally figured it out. The rest of the dish was super easy and the result was delish. I’m sure if we had fancy egg poaching kitchen tools it would have been a breeze, but alas we didn’t. bruschetta with poached egg

bruschetta with poached egg

Ingredients: Fresh bread, eggs, tomatoes, basil, salt & pepper, olive oil

1)Attempt to poach an egg. If that thought scares you, watch this how-to video.

2) Slice the bread and bake (about 20 mins on 350)

3)Dice the fresh tomatoes and basil, sprinkle with salt pepper and olive oil. Optional: Roast the tomato medley with the bread. It tastes even better when they’re all hot.

4) Once you have perfected the art of egg poaching, add your masterpiece on top the bread and tomatoes mixture and enjoy.

Gotta Go!


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