Best Cocktails in LA

Hi CYBES! I partnered up w/Room77 to bring you a fun video of some of my favorite places in LA to booze and shmooze. First up is the ultra sexy Fig & Olive on Melrose. It has a Mediterranean chic vibe and in addition to the killer cocktails it serves up some delish food. I drank a Cucumber Cosmo AND a Fig & Walnut Julep. Amazing. Next up was the hip Blind Barber in Culver City; part barber shop, part speak easy, this place was beyond cool. Obsessed. Then I was off to The Charleston, a popular west side spot, with a gorgeous bartender and a very festive (and strong!) drink. (aka Victoria’s Secret) Love it. The last two spots were La Descarga and Sassafras, both in Hollywood, both have live music and both are SO F-ING COOL. Go everywhere immediately… and please take Uber if you do!Fig & Olive Melrose

Fig & Olive Melrose
The Blind Barber
The Charleston
La Descarga

Watch me in action below!

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Comments (3):

  1. I LOVE the Blind Barber!! I had my 24th birthday there. I’ll have to go try some of these spots out. thanks!!!

  2. Ahhhhh… so we were “working” Friday night! Clever girl! My favorite cocktail places in L.A. include Westside Tavern, Varnish (downtown) and Freddy Smalls.

  3. Great vid Sharzy! The cocktails look amazing!